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#4741   MarlonHomepage13.07.2005 - 21:43
I was there pierre, I was Cindy and than I was
OMshalom but now I go to sleep, goodnight everybody!

#4740   Pierre Côté13.07.2005 - 21:30
Hey guys...about my chatroom let me give you a tip:

go there and write your name..then wait ! ..like a fish bait someone will show up.
second tip...set an hour you prefer like 4pm eastern or 5 pm or whatever...
let me suggess 6pm ET tonight, write your name and wait for a few minutes...if nobody show up ..go get a beer from Marko\s fridge !
enjoy and have fun

Pierre....near his pool continuing is vacation..

#4739   Uargh13.07.2005 - 20:51
<img src="http://www.manavdharam.org/books/german/weg_zur/images/title.jpg"

#4738   Romy13.07.2005 - 20:34


Danke NinaL!! Special hugs and LOVE to you!!! Du bist super-duper-lieb!!

#4737   NinaLHomepage13.07.2005 - 20:00
Hi my super freaky family, how do u do?
@Romy: hab deinen mail-brief bekommen und werde alles so machen wie du es wolltest
who wants to meet in pierre\s chatroom??? link above
love and hugs

#4736   listen!13.07.2005 - 19:22

#4735   Lullabies for Angela13.07.2005 - 19:20
and again:
it´s in the air for U and me.."

Ich glaube, beim Atompüppchen Merkel hilft nur schwarze Magie...dass die irgendwie von ihrer KKW-Geilheit loskommt.

Badest dreams zum fiesen Wahlprogramm, Frau Merkel!
I´m looking for some Voodoo attacks to change your "being".

Love 666

#4734   holy cow !13.07.2005 - 18:48
<img src="http://people.ucsc.edu/~dramadon/newlaughingcow.jpg"

i feel much betta already !

#4733   Anonym13.07.2005 - 18:01
grandmother = "Mega-ju"
My grandmother lives next to the river. if u ever say "I am going to the river" In my family, it means your going home to see my mega-ju and my grandfather. He has white hair and rarely speaks.
Mega-ju could be spelled megaji. and in a moment someone will pop up and tell me if i am wrong or right.
Go down to the river , means to go home.
it is a dark muddy river and i don\t know why they bless themselves in it? I only watched the little eels there and watch the drift wood float by.

#4732   Helen13.07.2005 - 17:55
@ CHaim. It was a play on words. gif and gifT for webdesign. I like your website, is what I mean to say.

@ Marko

I KNEW it wasn\t original!!!!!!! I promptly took it to the proper authorities @ the recycle center!

#4731   community&160;poker&160;rules&160;&160;andnot&160;texas&160;internet&160;online&160;holdemE-MailHomepage13.07.2005 - 17:46
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#4730   Chaim-ZackHerrMannE-MailHomepage13.07.2005 - 17:38
<img src="http://nina-hagen.skyblog.com/pics/180297147_small.jpg"

Shalom Everybuddy Buddah La La La!!


I don\t understand clearly the question about the "gif"!!
sooo stupid i am! lol! hihi!!


#4729   marko13.07.2005 - 17:31
Dear Helen...
The metal you found...a hUMANOID did it!!
Brewer\s get real sad when consumers litter Motha Earth with your MT vessels!!! Please return for a refund of your deposit or recycle them!!!

#4728   JoshyE-Mail13.07.2005 - 17:21

#4727   Joshy13.07.2005 - 17:19
"(bei Lene\s neuem Album ist er nur der Toningenieur, nicht Produzent)."

genauer gesagt: er war nur beim Abmischen des Albums der Toningenieur, nicht bei der Produktion selbst -
produziert wurde die Platte von Lene selber in ihrem eigenen Heimstudio, und ihr Ehemann war der Toningenieur.

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