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#16   MarkoHomepage18.03.2005 - 05:13
dear Nina!!!!! This new gastebuch will take us a while 2 get used to...Old dogs like me can learn new tricks too!!!
This day 4ward equals new 2 you!!!
All from above send you peace and love!
Love from Vancoooover!!!!

#15   squirrelHomepage18.03.2005 - 02:10
let life be one very good long song
come on sing/hip hop along
you cant go wrong so hippel and hoppel ahead ,not like the living dead......
no reason 2 b sad I love my dad.

#14   raquelE-MailHomepage18.03.2005 - 01:49
nina be strong like you told me yesterday like a lion
kissess from spain
i love you

#13   RyanE-MailHomepage18.03.2005 - 01:32
hey Nina...
Hope things are good, so ...when are you coming back to Vancouver?Seattle was great!

#12   SalatkroenungE-MailHomepage17.03.2005 - 23:39
hello nina du bastelmaus! wies aussieht hast du gewonnen, gell?! meinen glückwunsch! ~nensektchenaufmachundanstoße ~ gerechtigkeit hat halt doch den längeren arm! *knutscha*
Ciao salaty

#11   GrenzwertHomepage17.03.2005 - 23:05
guten Tag ich wollte mich mal melden , ich wollt Dir sagen , dass ich Dich mag .
ja also guten tag !

#10   TaraHomepage17.03.2005 - 21:36
Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blueht sing ich Dir mein schoenstes Liebeslied Ich bin Du wenn Du mich siehst schaust Du Dir selber zu .
Schatzi i lieb di !

#9   MarlonHomepage17.03.2005 - 19:54
Hello! On my hp you can see new fotos from SANDRA BULLOCK, FRANKA POTENTE, BELA B. from THE BESTE BAND DER WELT, KEANU REEVES AND EVA-MARIA HAGEN (c)marlonnowitsch.

p.s.: NINI keep being strong in those hard times! WE ARE WITH YOU!

#8   raquelE-MailHomepage17.03.2005 - 18:58
hi nini i wish you all the best
i hope that today you be better than tonight i was very bad for all the trhings that those stupids told you
all the best for the mutter queen
you know that in españa you have a great support i showed you yesterday because you are all for me
kissess from raquel
om namah shivay¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Â

#7   GoldfischHomepage17.03.2005 - 17:13
good morning sunshine
om bhur buwa swaha tat savitur vareniyam bargo devasija dimahi dijo jonah pratshodajat Om namah Shivay Om bamm vattuckaya Jaya Radhe

#6   markE-MailHomepage17.03.2005 - 14:58
Nina, I looooove this fishing thing!!! Do you think you will ever record All Apologies"? You do such a great version....I think it belongs on a CD!
Love from Vancooover!!!

#5   AnonymHomepage17.03.2005 - 13:40
Peace has regained the Mothership, its beautuf to see Love, Truth and simplicity be the rulers of our lives again. Happy Birthday from over here in France, all love and success to you and your loved ones. Be brave, courageous and full of passion, like Babaji, like you have always been. We love you so much . Jerome, Laurence and our two wonderful children Jean (4) and Paul (2) ! lja ljublju tibja, hiha!!

#4   NinaLHomepage17.03.2005 - 10:20
Schönes neues Gästebuch, Nina!!

#3   AnonymHomepage17.03.2005 - 10:06
Much.. mUCH.. better. I new you had it in you!


#2   Chaim-ZackHerrMannE-MailHomepage17.03.2005 - 10:05
Om Shalommm...
Here we go! a new and clean guestbook!!! Hip hip Hourra!!! Allejuja!!!....Viva our sweaty NINA!!! Hari Bol!

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